My Father in Law did not have Nominee. How do I go about this?

My Father in law who was living with me in Bangalore since a decade, passed away a fortnight ago. We realised that his Pension Account (Its a New Delhi branch) with Central Bank of India never had a Nominee. As per the regional bank office in Bangalore we need a Succession / Legal Heir certificate and a family tree done. I want the money in his account to be transferred to my Mother in Law’s account. There are absolutely no disputes to this by the surviving members of the family (5 daughters). How do I go about this?

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A legal heir certificate is issued by your sub registrar. It will set out all the details of beneficiaries. Please note mentioning a nominee or mentioning the members are recepient in the passbook does not automatically subdue the rights of all the legal heirs. All the legal heirs need to authorise you or the receipient to receive the money on their behalf. This is after you obtained the legal heir certificate. You can submit the death certificate to the registrar/ tehsildar office and obtain a legal heir certificate first

Answered on July 6, 2018.
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