Why Having A Beard Is Good For You

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Sorry ladies, this one’s not for you. But guys, pay attention. You know that beards are all the rage these days, and according to science, it’s a very good thing. Apparently having a beard is not just in style, but there are some real health benefits. The following reasons have been backed by science, proving why you should go with the current trend and keep on growing your facial hair.
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Beards Can Slow Aging

Think sunscreen is your only protection against the sun? Nuh-uh. According to a study published in the journal Radiation Protection Dosimetry, a beard can block anywhere from 90 to 95 percent of UV rays that cause wrinkles, which naturally make you look older.
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A Beard Mean No Ingrowns

Ingrown hairs are annoying because they cause redness and irritate your skin. Guys with beards however, don’t get them. When you say goodbye to the razor, you say hello to a healthy, non-irritated face.
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You Look More Masculine

According to a recent study published in Evolution and Human Behavior, both sexes consider bearded men to be more masculine. And masculinity, in many domains in life, can help you to get ahead. So what’s the ideal length according to science? Apparently 11 days growth was ideal for maximum masculinity.
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More Free Time

Do you know how much the average man spends shaving? Well over 3,300 hours! Just look at how much free time you get back when you stop shaving and grow a beard.
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Beards Prevent Allergies

You’re familiar with how a HEPA filter works right? Beards work in pretty much the same way. Facial hair is great for trapping dust and pollen particles before they make their way into your respiratory system. Having a beard can actually reduce your risk of catching and illness or infection.
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Beards Keep You Warm

No different than the hair on your head, a beard protects your face from the elements. More specifically, the freezing cold of winter. One man named Pete Kickey of Canada even tested this theory out by growing a beard on half his face. Sure enough, the bearded half was indeed warmer and more insulated.
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Beards Keep Skin Moisturized

Fact: shaving dries out your skin. Men who shave have to regularly moisturize their skin. Beards however, naturally facilitate moisture by preserving the natural oils our skin produces. It also acts as a barrier from wind and water, both elements that can dry our skin out.
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It’s In Style

If everyone’s wearing pants and you don’t, you can’t help but to feel like an outsider. Psychologically, that’s not a good feeling. Well it seems everyone has a beard. Celebs, your friends, dudes on the street – everyone. Don’t resist conformity. It’s actually healthy to fit in. So start growing that beard!
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