The Best Fat Burning Foods

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Are you on a diet and trying to burn that extra fat away? Cutting calories alone just won’t cut it. There are specific foods that are proven effective at helping you lose weight, as they help you burn fat. Yes, you’ll still need to exercise. But by adding the following foods to your diet, you’ll be slimmer and more toned in no time.
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High in monounsaturated fats, avocados have been shown in numerous studies to reduce deep abdominal fat when used to replace saturated fats. Also, they’re proven to suppress hunger and lower cholesterol. If you’re on a diet, avocados are a weight loss staple.
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At just 70 calories each, eggs are the world’s most perfect food. They’re proven to protect against blood clots, stroke, heart attacks and, at helping with weight loss. Buying free range, organic eggs are best. Just have some for breakfast and you’ll get to enjoy a more efficient fat burning throughout the rest of the day.
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Ginger is proven to help cleanse your body of waste and toxins in the colon and liver with its digestive actions. Not only a great detoxifier, ginger is also a very effective metabolic activator. This means ginger not only cleans up your body, but also at the same time, suppresses appetite.
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One of the world’s healthiest foods – flaxseeds contain omega-3 fatty acids and fiber that help you to lose weight. While omega-3 works to boost your metabolism, the fiber keeps you feeling full longer so you don’t overeat. Flaxseeds are simply a must-have food in any fat burning diet.
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It’s always a bonus when a fat burning food also tastes great. Blueberries are nature’s treat. But they’re also an excellent antioxidant, full of vitamin C, K and magnesium. But it’s their fiber count that, just like flaxseeds, help you to burn that excess fat away.
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Plain Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is chock-full of protein and great for muscle building. The protein works by keeping you satisfied, while staving off the urge to snack away. Just make sure you get plain, not the fruit on the bottom kind, otherwise you’ll negate its benefits.
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Chia Seeds

Just like yogurt and flaxseeds, chia seeds are also loaded with protein and omega-3. And just like them, they rev up metabolism and turn on glucagon – the body’s fat-burning hormone. Just make sure to soak them for 15 minutes before consuming for best results.
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Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the most potent ‘all-purpose’ tonics around, apple cider is a must have diet staple. Its list of health benefits include helping to lower blood pressure, aiding in digestion, preventing the flu, and alleviating allergies. Consider it a miracle drink, especially when it comes to burning fat.
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Wild Salmon

Rich in protein and omega-3, salmon is the perfect diet food. It’s the omega-3 that improves insulin levels, which works at shrinking your waistline. Also, it’s very effective at activating thyroid hormones for a faster fat-burning metabolism.
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Now how fun is this – oysters are not only a bar favorite, but also great for weight loss. They’re only 50 calories each, and perhaps the richest source of dietary zinc. And zinc works by suppressing appetite and for women, PMS-induced cravings.
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Health & Fitness Tip/Fact #1

Body sculpting is a unique set of techniques and movement principles that reshape the body holistically without the use of invasive surgical procedures to reshape the body, especially the abdominals. An ideal formula for changing your shape using a Waist trainer is combining body sculpting and fat burning exercises to help create the coveted hourglass waistline.

Health & Fitness Tip/Fact #2

A cyst is a pouch or sac with a membrane around it and no real opening. It is usually filled with fluid or some kind of matter and can develop in an organ or in any body cavity. It can also be filled with hardened material. Some health professionals believe that some cysts can be caused by free radical calcium or an imbalance of minerals in the body.

Health & Fitness Tip/Fact #3

Chills are usually associated with fever. The word itself refers to a feeling of being cold and shivering. This is caused due to a rapid process of contracting and relaxing of the muscles in the body. When the body detects that a fever may be setting in, it contracts and relaxes the muscles rapidly in order to bring up the body heat and fight the fever.