Where Can I get Notary In Bangalore?

I am planning to get Notary done for few important things. Suggest some of the Best Places to Get Notary in Bangalore? It would be okay even it is online.

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Best way to get Notary in Bangalore is to visit sub register offices, where you get access to many advocates. You can simply search on google for Sub Register offices.

Other option would be visiting Civil Court, you can get your document notarized quickly at Civil court Ground Floor. Reach out to any lawyers to get things done quickly.

If you are looking for Notary online in Bangalore, There are few startups such as NotaryKart.com, Notarymama.com etc.

You can visit their websites, find their contact details and then proceed with booking.

You can also find some notary agents from directory sites such as Just dial, sulekha, quickr etc.

You will have to pay money in advance.

Please note, It is illegal to make few notary online, as it is mandatory to have physical person at spot during notary process.  So it is better to know these things before applying for notary in Bangalore.

Hope this small piece of content helped you.


Answered on July 7, 2018.
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