Here We Go Again: Foods You Thought Were Healthy Are NOT

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The New York Times just released a study consisting of a wide polling of nutritionists on what exactly is healthy for us to eat, and what’s not. The results were quite surprising – many of the foods we think are good for us (i.e. health bars, granola, cheeses) are actually quite bad. So before you start that health kick (or continue one), check out these lists of foods that the public think is healthy, but actually isn’t.
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Granola Bar

71% of the public think granola bars are healthy for you, but only 28% of nutritionists agree. That makes for a 43% differential.
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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been all the rage for years now, with 72% of the public convinced it’s a health miracle. But only 37% of nutritionists agree. Total difference: 35%
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Frozen Yogurt

By way of very clever marketing, the public is convinced that frozen yogurt is nothing like its cousin, ice cream, as 66% of the public thinks it’s healthy for you. But only 32% of nutritionists agree – making for a difference of 34%.
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SlimFast Shakes

Grandmothers everywhere still drink SlimFast to maintain their weight because 47% of the public believes they’re good for you. But only 21% of nutritionists think so – which makes for a 26% difference.
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Orange Juice

Despite recent reports that orange juice is full of sugar, and of course, sugar is horrible for you – 78% of the public still continues to drink it thinking they’re healthier because of it. But only 62% of nutritionists think the way the public do. That’s a 16% difference.
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American Cheese

American Cheese (aka: those cheesy Kraft singles) have 39% of the public convinced they’re good. But only 24% of nutritionists have been fooled. That’s a 15% difference.
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Apparently the Quinoa growers aren’t doing a good enough job of marketing, because only 58% of the public think or know it’s amazing for you. Whereas 89% of nutritionists know better – making for a 31% differential.
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Even more unusual as quinoa, tofu, which has been on the market forever has only convinced 57% of the public of its goodness – whereas 85% of nutritionists already know of its amazing benefits. That’s a 28% differential.
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Sushi must have taken quite a hit with all the news of mercury in salmon, because only 49% of the public knows that sushi is good stuff. But 75% of nutritionists know sushi is still as awesome as ever. That’s a 26% difference.
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I don’t know what the public is thinking could possibly be bad about hummus, because only 66% think it’s good for you. 90% of nutritionists however, know what’s up. That’s a 24% difference.
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Only 52% of the public knows the adage “A glass a day keeps the doctor away”. Where 70% of nutritionists are fully aware of wine’s virtues. That’s a 18% difference.
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Health & Fitness Tip/Fact #1

Proteins are long chains of amino acids that can be found in a wide range of foods. They are stored within our body by a multitude of peptide bonds. If you don't have enough protein in your diet, you will have to deal with a deficiency of various amino acids. The results are unfortunately very bad, because you will face a low concentration, memory loss, mood swings, a low energy level, a low muscle mass, an unstable blood sugar level and at the same time it will be hard for you to lose weight as well.

Health & Fitness Tip/Fact #2

Since you don't have a lot of time to work out, diet is going to be essential. You want to make sure you are getting your essential nutrients in your meals throughout the day. To track this, you can download the free MyFitnessPal app and make a profile and it will tell you exactly what nutrients you need in your daily diet.

Health & Fitness Tip/Fact #3

Fatigue is something that strikes many people as they go about their workout program. Whether fatigue hits early on or near the end of your workout, if you're aiming to keep your session as intense as possible, there's no question fatigue is cramping your overall style. With a few smart tips and strategies, you can overcome fatigue and push harder in each and every workout.