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So you’ve just joined a new gym and are looking to get fit, toned, jacked, yoked, etc. A gym, unbeknownst to many, is no different than riding a streetcar or dining at a fine restaurant – there’s a certain etiquette one must abide by. Just like you’re not supposed to stand on the seats of a streetcar, or start a food fight in a restaurant – there are a number of unwritten rules to being a member of a gym. Break them and you won’t necessarily get kicked out. But you will either annoy other members, become the laughing stock of the gym or, totally wear out your welcome.
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Talking On The Phone

Clarification: if you get a call, you’re allowed to answer it. But never, I repeat, never use your phone while you’re on a machine. You’re just monopolizing the machine from others who actually want to use it to workout. The best advice: leave your phone in your locker all together.
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Not Wiping Machines

This one is an all too common, and disgusting habit. When you workout, you sweat. And no one wants to sit, lay down in, or even touch your sweat. So make sure to wipe down the machine after each use.
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Dropping Weights

Ever have a balloon pop behind you? Shocking and unnerving isn’t it? It’s the same thing when you drop your weights. It scares others, doubly so, because it also makes you look (mentally) unstable.
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Not Putting Weights Back

For some reason some member’s think others are their maids. They don’t put their weights back, as if someone else will do it. Don’t be that guy or girl. If you pick it up, put it back.
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Not Wearing Deodorant

Some people’s sweat doesn’t smell that bad. But don’t risk it, you may not be that person. And you definitely don’t want to be that person that people have to start plugging their nose around.
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Inappropriate Clothing

Gym clothes are meant to be tight. But see through or look as if they’re painted on? No. You’ll either turn people on and illicit unwanted attention or, turn people right off – depending on your body of course.
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Monopolizing Equipment

When you use a machine, you work out in sets. Sometimes sets of 3, sets of 4, maybe even 5. In between sets, don’t just sit there like a potted plant. Get up and let others workout in-between.
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Ogling Other Members

This one’s for the guys. Guys, it’s not a bar or a club. You’re not there to pick-up girls. You’re there to pick-up weights. Period.
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Unwanted Advice

People with dogs will get this one. There’s always someone who wants to come up and tell you how to train your dog. Annoying isn’t it? It’s the same at the gym. Unless you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger, don’t be a know-it-all.
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Going When You’re Sick

Somehow, somewhere, people started to get the idea that working out when you’re sick will make you recover faster. It won’t. It just makes you sicker, along with the people around you. It’s called a “health club” for a reason. If you’re sick, stay home.
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