Don’t Go A Day Without These Health Foods

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Fiber, antioxidants, vitamins – you shouldn’t be going a single day without these. But sometimes, eating healthy is inconvenient – boring even. So if you’re going to force yourself to eat healthy, might as well learn how to incorporate it seamlessly into your diet. The following is a list of must-have foods, along with what you must have them with.
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High in antioxidants and fiber, blueberries are a healthy person’s staple.
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Garlic is full of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, all of which help fight an assortment of diseases – and vampires (if you believe in them).
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Olive Oil

Did you know olives contain perhaps the healthiest fats in the world? Well you do now. They’re excellent at lowering your cholesterol levels, as well as being packed full of cancer fighting antioxidants.
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If there’s a food that’s tops of the list when it comes to cancer fighting, broccoli is it. They contain sulfur compounds such as sulforaphane, which our body turns into enzymes that detoxify our every cell.
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Yogurt, plain yogurt to be exact, is full of calcium, which is perfect for strengthening your bones and warding off osteoporosis. It’s also full of live bacteria cultures that heal your gut and boost your immune system.
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You need a certain amount of soluble fiber to keep things regular. Fiber is also great for keeping you feeling full longer, which helps with weight loss. And oats are a great source of this kind of fiber.
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You’ve probably heard that flaxseeds are good for you. But you likely don’t know why. They’ve got lignans, which act like estrogen in the body that block estrogen receptors on cells that reduce the rate of cancer cell growth in the body.
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No other spice heals like cinnamon, mainly because of its ability to control blood sugar levels, important for people with diabetes.
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Looking for the most potent source of antioxidants there is? Then the next time you’re in the grocery store, look for some tea. Tea works by breaking down bad cholesterol in the body, which prevents blood clots that improves blood vessel function, thus, reducing the risk of heart disease.
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Health & Fitness Tip/Fact #1

When it comes to lower body exercises, the barbell squat is one of the most effective exercises to burn fat and build muscle. Not only does it work your lower body but your upper body as well so it can be considered a total body exercise. While your lower body does most of the work, your upper body stabilizes the weight.

Health & Fitness Tip/Fact #2

As you go about your lower body workouts, one exercise you will want to include in your protocol plan is the deadlift. Stiff legged deadlifts are great for working your glutes, your lower back as well as your hamstrings and, at the same time helping you to be more steady on your feet. If you do a lot of squatting and leg press work, you may be overdeveloping your quads while underdeveloping the back of your body. To improve your balance, deadlifts are key.

Health & Fitness Tip/Fact #3

Looking for a boost for your workout session? One supplement you will want to consider adding for a boost is caffeine. Caffeine is not necessarily a supplement you need to purchase - you can simply get it from drinking a morning cup of coffee. While most people realize caffeine will give them a boost of energy and have experienced this before, they may not be acutely aware of all the other benefits it will have on their workout session.