What if ASIA have NATO like Structure without west and EU?

Geopolitical issues are growing and their effects are being considered to be of much importance. People around are literate and regional politics of small groups and areas are of much value in today’s Scenario.

After World War-II US tried to establish NATO like structure in Asia which failed when Considering Japan to be its member was denied by other Asian countries that were colonized by then Japan. Beside Japan’s Image, other factors like Collective Identity, Racial differences, Historical values and Cultural factors were against American Odds.

South East Asia Treaty Organization was formed which failed and formally Ended on June, 1977. This was a Big blow to then American Leaders who were sure to have a grip on Asian Communism and working to block communist gains in South east Asia.

Japan, Korea, Pakistan, India, China, Russia along with Gulf Countries if come to talk and form a Asian Treat Organization, Asia will have a Grip and Unified Gain in all factors.

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