Becoming The Alpha Male Of Your Dreams In Only 8 Steps Away

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The alpha male. He gets the jobs, the promotions, and the girls. The world is his because he’s the toughest, most dominant man in the room. Every guy wants to be him, and every woman wants to be with him. So what are you supposed to do then if you’re the beta, that meek and mild mannered man who always gets passed up for promotions and dates? Well ‘nice guys finish last’ no more. The following steps will crank up your testosterone levels, turn your body into a fat-melting machine, and send your libido through the roof. So get ready to take what’s yours, as we transform you from Clark Kent to Superman!
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Don’t Fear Fat

The latest saying in health circles is “eating fat doesn’t make you fat.” And this is mostly true. But fats – like saturated fats – make more of a man out of you. Literally. Saturated fat contain cholesterol, and cholesterol is the foundation upon which testosterone is built. And testosterone is great for increasing aggression – a very alpha male trait. Then there’s polyunsaturated fats, like the kind you find in fatty fishes (salmon for example) that help with circulation, which of course leads to better erections. So if you up your intake of the right kinds of fats, you’ll become more of the dominant sex god women crave, and less of the guy they like like a brother.
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Deadlift From A Deficit

Fitness studies have proved that the most badass exercise you can do to build the most badass physique are deadlifts, as they’ve been shown to boost your body’s natural growth hormones. So deadlifts are a must, but, to do them like an alpha – you need to start at a deficit. Start by standing on a small box or weight plate – anything that makes you higher and the bar lower. While the difference may be minimal, the results you get by doing this are massive.
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Don’t Limit Protein

There’s this belief that if you consume too much protein, that you’ll just stress your kidneys as you piss the excess away. And those who hold this belief just so happen to be the same people that make little to no progress at the gym. So don’t stop at 30 grams a day, like many spaghetti-armed twerps will say. When the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says you can go all the way up to 85 grams of protein a day based off of scientific studies – then keep those heavy slabs of meat and protein shakes flowin’.
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Tone Down Your Breakfast

According to the data, roughly 90% of Americans eat breakfast. They’re also 35% overweight. Is there some correlation? Yes, apparently a very strong positive one. And by positive we don’t mean good. Research is showing that breakfast is no longer the most important meal of the day, and is now suggesting that if you’re not hungry when you wake up – don’t eat. In fact, missing breakfast altogether has been shown to increase growth hormone – the very thing that builds you up and tones you down at the same time. So unless you’re starving, wait for lunch.
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Sleep More Than 7 Hours

Burning the midnight oil may help you with your career, but it’ll burn your chances of becoming the alpha male of your non-existent dreams, too. You can’t have it all, and when it comes to having the body of an Adonis – you simply need your sleep. At least seven hours of it to be exact. Sleeping increases your metabolism (great for fat burning), and boosts your sex drive (great for getting more than a one-night stand), because – as the American Medical Association has found – men that sleep fewer than five hours a night drop 15% in their testosterone levels the very next day!
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Intensify Your Workouts

When it comes to working out, it’s not about how much you lift. So stop comparing yourself to the juicehead in the corner who’s benching half the gym. What you need to do is up the intensity (like doing sprints, pushing a Prowler, or anything else that’ll push your body to its limits). By doing this you’ll reduce insulin levels, which in turn give you more energy throughout the day, and burn off excess fat. And if you haven’t noticed by now alpha males never look as if their energy is sapped, nor will you catch them dragging their feet around the office all day.
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Crave More Sex

In a very interesting and unusual study out of the of University of Chicago, researchers wanted to test the hypothesis than men were increasingly becoming less interested in sex. And lo and behold – they were! The study revealed that men who craved less sex, or, were sexually frustrated also had below average testosterone levels. So if you want to be a man’s man – you better want to want to have sex. Lots of it!
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Check Your Testosterone

At the end of the day, being the alpha male isn’t all about being better than the rest – it’s about being the best you you can be. So before you try to make the transformation from beta to alpha – it’s best to get your testosterone checked by a medical professional, as he or she will be able to tell you if your levels are low because of other reasons; such as cardiovascular disease, depression, or other conditions that affect your body’s testosterone production.
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