8 Ways To A Six-Pack

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It’s a new year and beach season will be here before you know it. So what are you going to wear, a flabby stomach or, one made of steel? Do you want people to think you’re carrying a baby above your swimsuit, or a washboard? If your stomach needs some work, you’ve got time. And we – we’ve got the techniques to help you. The following are the secret ingredients to getting a stomach that’ll go with whatever you’ll be wearing this summer, or if you decide to wear nothing at all.
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Brush Your Teeth

Huh? Brush your teeth? What do teeth have to do with abs? Well, if you practice standing on one leg while brushing every morning, you’ll be working those abs because as you try to balance, you’ll be working your core. Just don’t try this at the public urinal.
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Get In-Tense

If you’re looking for fast results, and who isn’t, you’ll need to amp up the intensity. Try training your abs 3 times a week, at least. If you can do 50 crunches today, next week, aim for 75 – and so on until you’ve got abs of steel.
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Crunch Some Vitamin C

Studies have shown that low levels of vitamin C slow your body’s ability to turn fat into energy. So it’s recommended that you take at least 500mg of vitamin C a day. By doing this, the science has shown that you’ll burn 40% more fat when working out.
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Add Weight

You may not know this, but your abs is one of the strongest muscles in your body. They can easily handle more than your own bodyweight. So to really put them to work, you’ll need to add weight. Try holding a 10lbs weight or medicine ball when doing your crunches.
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Prepare For A Punch

That’s right, pretend you’re about to get socked in the stomach by a pro boxer. If you’re on the subway, sitting at your desk, or picking out fruit at the grocery store, imagine someone is about to punch you and tense your abs up. This is the training outside your training that’ll make all the difference.
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So few people realize how important sleep is to their fitness goals. If getting in shape were a pie chart, 70% of it is what you eat, 15% is your workout, and the remaining 15% is sleep. Look at that, sleep is just as important as your workout – so make sure you get at least 8 hours of it.
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Eat A Burger

I bet you can’t believe your eyes. Eat A burger??? Yes! A study out of Cornell University found that those who workout and upped their weekly intake of zinc, magnesium, and protein to 500mg – which just so happens to be found in about five burgers – increased fat burning by over 20%. And it’s fat that’s what’s really getting in the way of you seeing your abs.
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Do It Last

Working your abs can be quite taxing to your energy. They need to be worked out over many sets doing high reps, which can drain you. So when you hit the gym – do your cardio first, weights second, and your abs, last.
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Health & Fitness Tip/Fact #1

Body sculpting is a unique set of techniques and movement principles that reshape the body holistically without the use of invasive surgical procedures to reshape the body, especially the abdominals. An ideal formula for changing your shape using a Waist trainer is combining body sculpting and fat burning exercises to help create the coveted hourglass waistline.

Health & Fitness Tip/Fact #2

One of the top most beneficial exercises for upper body strength is the renowned bench press. Commonly done on a flat bench, it uses all the muscles such as the chest, triceps, shoulders, biceps, forearms and even your back. When you really think about it, it can be considered a full body exercise because where you position your feet determines level of stability.

Health & Fitness Tip/Fact #3

As you go about your lower body workouts, one exercise you will want to include in your protocol plan is the deadlift. Stiff legged deadlifts are great for working your glutes, your lower back as well as your hamstrings and, at the same time helping you to be more steady on your feet. If you do a lot of squatting and leg press work, you may be overdeveloping your quads while underdeveloping the back of your body. To improve your balance, deadlifts are key.