7 Fitness Hacks That Don’t Require A Gym Membership

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Everyone knows the “No pain, no gain” motto to fitness. If you want to be healthier and in better shape, you need to workout, go on strict diets, all of which requires blood, sweat, tears – along with some very boring meals. But not all gains must come out of pain. There are things you can start doing today, that’ll literally have you feeling better by tomorrow morning. No, you won’t be able to all of a sudden shave a whole minute off your marathon time, your love handles won’t magically disappear, and you definitely won’t wake up with Brad Pitt’s six-pack from Fight Club – but you will feel better. And feeling better brings you closer to getting out and training for that marathon, or attempting to get those Brad Pitt Fight Club abs. So if you like the sounds of that, then you’ll love the sound of these 7-simple fitness hacks we have for you right here.
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Juice Some (Warm) Greens

Cold pressed juice is all the rage these days. We’re constantly bombarded with the benefits of drinking your veggies filtered through a cold press machine. But one green that’s been around longer – at least in the health news circles – is green matcha tea. A cup a day is still one of the most effective weight loss, cancer preventing, heart disease thwarting, exercise performance boosting greens you can put in your body. Pour yourself a warm, not cold pressed cup today.
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Use a Foam Roller Before Bed

The body needs 8-hours of sleep a night. This is a fact. But even those that know this and want it, still have a hard time getting it as they’re still too wound up and up-tight from the day. But by doing a few minutes of light stretching with a foam roller, you instantly release those tight and tender muscles, which are still holding on to all that tension and stress. Prepare to sleep like a baby, or, like an adult that needs his 8 hours.
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Power Off

We used to need a bedtime story to fall asleep. Now we reach for our iPhone or Android instead. The only problem is they’re actually preventing us from falling asleep because of the blue-tinted light emit. You need to fix this ASAP. Before sunset today, go into your iPhone and turn on “Night Shift” in the Display & Brightness Settings, or on Android, download the Twilight app to dim can change the color of the light to a warmer, more sleep inducing shade.
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Pop a Pill

We’re not typically big on these once-a-day supplements. For the most part they’re ineffective, as well as a money grab. But there are three we swear by: Fish oil (which promotes heart health and helps you lose fat), Zinc (which boosts both testosterone and your immune system), and Magnesium (which we are more and more becoming deficient in, and helps with critical biological systems like your metabolism, as well as the ability to have a baby).
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Get Some Sun

Those in colder climates really need to listen up here, because you’re not getting enough of the sun’s vitamin D by covering up and staying indoors. Vitamin D is crucial for preventing heart disease, warding off diabetes, as well as prostate cancer. Oh, and it boosts testosterone, which you need if you want a better, deeper sleep. While you can chug all the milk you want to get some D (ya, ya, yuck it up sickos), the best to get some D is from the sun.
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Cavernize Your Bedroom

Like your bedroom all warm and cozy at night? No good, you’re doing it wrong. Our bodies actually prefer a cooler room – say, mid-to-low 60’s – just like it was back when we were cavemen sleeping in, well, caves. You need to make sure your room is air tight with light. Any light that seeps in will mess up your sleep patterns. The combination of cooler temperatures and zero light will help you fall into that deep 8-hours health rejuvenating sleep we’re all lacking these days.
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Kick Off Your Kicks At Home

My mom always told me to take off my shoes before entering the house, and not because we’re Japanese or anything like that, but because she was a neurotic clean freak. Anyway, she was onto something because our feet have 25% of our bones, and a massive amount of ligaments and nerves. When you walk around barefoot, you release the pressure that builds up in your feet throughout the day, as well as improve your feet, hips, and knees mechanics. This’ll come in handy when you do decide to go for that run, and don’t have to come limping back with a sprained ankle because you twisted your foot on some leaf or something embarrassing like that.
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Health & Fitness Tip/Fact #1

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Health & Fitness Tip/Fact #2

Concussions can be mild, misunderstood, and even misdiagnosed altogether. With the commonality we see today in concussions among athletes, there's a lot of buzz among players and non-athletes alike that may or may not be true about concussions and concussion recovery.

Health & Fitness Tip/Fact #3

Chiropractor treatment is becoming a popular choice to treat patients who experience pain due to accidents and injuries. Accidents cannot be prevented and most people tend to get injured while performing daily activities or playing sports or any other physical activity. Although conventional medical treatment helps provide relief, there are many who continue to endure the pain as the root cause of the problem is left unattended.